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Empowering Patient Care through mobile solutions

Applications for smartphones are empowering today's patients and proving beneficial in managing healthcare. Mobile Health ( popularly termed as mHealth) is transforming the way diseases are diagnosed, tracked and healthcare services are provided. The role of mobility has grown exponentially in the healthcare domain; from being just an enabler to an important part of the healthcare ecosystem. mHealth not only keeps the doctors & patients always connected but also provides access to relevant information at the right time. Mobile solutions for Continued Medical Education space are ensuring that doctors & technicians have access to critical information about their field on their fingertips, thereby enabling competence and timely access to critical information.

  • EHR/CIS Software Vendors

  • Medical Device Companies

  • Hospital/Health Systems

  • Physicians/MD Specialties

An estimated 81% of physicians are using smartphones according to a survey of 2,041 physicians by Manhattan Research. The iPad has been widely embraced by physicians because of its ease of use and portability.  Physicians are now demanding access to information from anywhere they work. Mobile technology for healthcare domain has moved from the pilot stage to mainstream.

Hospitals and health information technology vendors are realizing that the way to sell and engage physicians on health information technology is to make solutions mobile and venture into mHealth with innovative mobile solutions.

Endeavour Services
Endeavour helps technology vendors and EHR /clinical software companies meet the immediate demand to mobilize their products. Endeavour can rapidly deploy a team of mobility experts to develop a tailored mobile multi-platform application that enhances the accessibility and greatly improve quality of the user experience.
Value Gained
  • Avoid cost of hiring full-time specialized mobile team
  • Move rapidly in response to physician demand
  • Drive sales and adoption of core commercial EHR/CIS software

Medical Device Companies and their customers are increasingly recognizing the enormous benefits that come with developing/distributing mobile medical equipment. Equipment that has traditionally been limited to stationary machines in settings like hospitals are becoming portable. An entire industry is rapidly developing  a wide range of new technologies including mobile ultrasound devices, wireless blood pressure monitors,  and wireless ECGs. mHealth is playing a key role in mobilizing the medical device companies and strengthening their field force.

Endeavour Services
Endeavour helps medical devices companies develop a vision and strategy for  the use mobile technology/apps and then develops and delivers the application/technology solution to realize that vision.
Value Gained
  • Customer gain immediate access to expertise regarding mobile technology
  • Medical devices companies can develop engaging applications that complement and showcase the functions of the medical equipment
  • Intuitive and well designed applications for medical devices increase the likelihood of repeated use by physicians and consumers, which then leads to improved medical outcomes

CIOs and IT Directors are seeing unprecedented interest and engagement by physicians and clinicians about technology. Historically an area of low adoption Health IT has become the driver of a hospital/health systems improvement efforts. Mobile technology is at the forefront of this change because it is so widely embraced by physicians, nurses, lab techs, and administrative staff that work ‘on the go’ for most of the work day. Mobile technology can drive the transformation and improvement of workflows  which can  improve productivity but more importantly patient outcomes and patient safety. All these factors are leading to adoption of mHealth in Healthcare domain.

Endeavour Services
Endeavour helps hospitals/health systems sort through the dizzying array of technology options, platforms, security considerations, device management requirements and a vision for the use of mobile applications on an enterprise basis. Endeavour can assist a hospital organization develop a MOA/Enterprise Mobile Strategy and Roadmap that positions the health system to take full advantage of new mobile/wireless technologies.
Value Gained
  • Establish Mobile Enterprise Strategy to position organization to adopt exciting new mobile technology
  • Establish plan for security control and management
  • Drive the adoption of mobile tools to improve workflow/outcomes

Physicians are adopting and using mobile medical applications in ways that would have been unthinkable just five years earlier. New innovative tools are being developed and broadly delivered to physicians utilizing new platforms/storefronts that allow physicians/entrepreneurs to place useful, easy to use tools in the hands of clinicians that need them.  Physicians that historically have shunned information technology now see the way it can transform and improve their practice of medicine. Innovations in mHealth are playing a transformational role in enabling and empowering physicians.

Endeavour Services
Endeavour has  proven expertise with mobility and IT that make the exciting mobile applications/tools a reality. Endeavour works collaboratively with physicians /clinicians to develop  innovative applications that can greatly improve access to and the quality of the delivery of care.
Value Gained
  • Specialized applications that conform to physician practices/protocols
  • Physicians get anywhere/anytime access to critical information and functionality
  • Allows work at the point of care
  • Improve communication/engagement with patients –essential to care
  • Improve communication and information with other physicians
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