Developed an Enterprise Mobility Strategy and Roadmap For a Leading Private Equity Firm


Success Story

Actis LLP is a leading private equity firm with portfolio spread across emerging markets. Their investment managers spend most of their time travelling, advising, investigating, and exploring new investment themes. Endeavour as Actis’s mobility partner designed their mobility strategy and defined the mobility implementation roadmap for a global mobile rollout. Endeavour’s recommendations greatly influenced Actis’s decision to continue with their existing devices/platforms and optimizing their infrastructure.

Endeavour Value Add

  • Designed and implemented a roadmap, benchmarked with quick wins, short term and long term goals towards mobility
  • Made recommendations on the technology and mobile devices, after evaluating the pros and cons of each of them against the firm’s needs
  • Conceptualized a training and rollout strategy
  • Recommended a framework that enables monitoring the application usage statistics

Client Outcome

  • Gained a holistic approach towards mobile implementation, enterprise mobility strategy and its benefits
  • Allowed Actis to identify and mitigate risks and pitfalls during implementation
  • Measurable Implementation roadmap provided deep insights in terms of which application to start with, application possibilities, time period based targets etc.

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