Delivered a Retail-Experience Mobility Platform To a Global Leader In Network Equipment Manufacture


The focus for the Cisco Industry Solution Group (ISG) was to incubate new market-making solutions aligned to Cisco's top priorities (routing and switching, collaboration, data center virtualization and cloud, business technology architectures and Video) with a key focus on growing and scaling the relevant market adjacencies. ISG's strategy was to broaden market access, accelerate product absorption and develop replicable market-making solutions to drive future Cisco growth. Endeavour helped Cisco grow and scale new markets through a combination of software solutions integrated with core Cisco technologies (collaboration, wireless, etc.) and relevant business systems for customers that helped drive business value and integrate Cisco solutions into customer business processes.

Endeavour Value Add

  • Strategized and built retail solutions based on core assets and existing solution stack
  • Visualized, strategized and implemented the retail experience platform which included location and vertical specific customer insights and analytics
  • Envisioned use cases for mobilization using indoor positioning information
  • Visualized the platforms applicability to other sectors such as healthcare, education, etc.

Client Outcome

  • Enhanced customer experience with focus on customer-oriented solutions
  • Driving business value for customers with CISCO solutions that integrates with the customers business processes

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