Developed an Enterprise Database and Workflow Solution For a Leading Private Equity Firm


Success Story

Actis LLP is a leading private equity firm with portfolio spread across emerging markets. Their investment managers spend most of their time travelling, advising, investigating, and exploring new investment themes. Endeavour as Actis’s mobility partner designed a mobile solution which consolidates & integrates the information available with investment managers spread worldwide. This solution empowered managers to access important information related to their portfolio contacts as well as their workflows.

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Endeavour Value Add

  • Integration of data from multiple data sources
  • Custom security model on top of BES to establish total security control
  • Access to the web server was restricted to only within the VPN, thereby protecting the server from being exposed to external sources
  • Incorporated feature sets like context-sensitive support, approval/rejection of workflows etc.

Client Outcome

  • Lower costs and higher ROI owing to a custom development approach
  • Enabled senior executives to access the application with one login credential without having to sign-in to multiple platforms
  • Facilitated swifter decision-making for critical projects

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