Built a Comprehensive Club Sport Coverage Application On The Web and Mobile For a Sporting Events Organizer


Success Story

Playbook is a mobile solution for an online sports community bringing together the recreational sports enthusiasts across the globe. While designing & developing this innovative mobile solution, Endeavour leveraged their decade old mobile-social-cloud expertise. Endeavour also built a pricing strategy for this mobile solution which helped the solution to become a popular and dedicated sports social platform.

Endeavour Value Add

  • The Mobile app had the provision to create teams or leagues under 120 different sporting categories
  • Developed a mobile platform that ran a complex logic to track club/event news from around the world
  • Developed a web portal that had additional functionalities like – the ability to create ads, enabling payment services using PayPal etc.

Client Outcome

  • Firmly positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for all information about local and national club tourneys/leagues
  • Achieved higher visibility and reach by leveraging both, the mobile and web platforms
  • Received recognition as a credible and premium source of all club sport related event listings and news

See in Action:

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