Helping customers at all stages in the service lifecycle across public, private/hybrid cloud

Endeavour’s Cloud transformation Agents (eCTA) are a set of components and frameworks that help in economically and rapidly building, migrating and managing cloud-based applications that are secure, scalable, efficient and comply with all cloud-computing standards and protocols.

Endeavour’s approach to Cloud Enablement ensures that organizations leverage the full benefits of operating in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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The CTAs help deploy ready-to-use components, thereby enabling parts of the IT solution to be immediately deployed in the cloud. The CTA also accelerates functions such as authorization, authentication and data connectivity.

Cloud Transformation Integrators on the other hand, helps in building a link between third-party and legacy systems, and between cloud applications and mobile end-points. They are often deployed as web applications in the cloud, in order to be able to integrate with other solutions inside the enterprise infrastructure or on public cloud platforms.

Endeavour's Mobile Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Endeavour has leveraged its decade-long expertise in providing end-to-end mobility and cloud solutions, to build a partner ecosystem around various industry offerings. These partnerships with industry leaders in Iaas and PaaS, allows us to provide our clients with one-stop cloud solutions.

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