How to Drive Customer Engagement in Retail with a Mobile First Strategy

"It took 38 years for the radio to reach an audience of 50 million, 13 years for the television, 4 years for the Internet, but only 2 years for the iPhone”

"9 out of 10 people use multiple screens simultaneously and smartphones serve as the common starting point for their online activities”

-- Recent Google Study

As a result of this exponential growth, mobile devices have slowly overtaken all other devices in terms of usage. More and more users are shifting to mobile as their first screen making it imperative for business owners to adopt a Mobile First Strategy and engage users with exciting and innovative content, in order to stay relevant. With research insights predicting its further growth, the mobile’s role as a critical marketing, customer service, and customer satisfaction tool has become more significant.

Winning customer loyalty today is more challenging than ever, as empowered mobile consumers increasingly control their media choices. The new paradigm of retailing is to ensure the delivery of innovative customer experiences. Technology has become a major enabler, helping retailers connect with their customers in multi sensory ways. Mobile technology is at the center of this evolution, with customer engagement being the top priority driving mobile efforts of retailers.

Delivering a consistent, connected and integrated shopping experience is the key for successful retailing today. This is evident with emergence of trends like Omni-Channel Retailing, where retailers are striving to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels, aligned with both customer needs and corporate strategic objectives. Mobile technology is playing a crucial role here, with its impact covering both in-store and online channels.

Technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC), Beacons, Cloud, Augmented Reality and Gamification coupled with mobile have the potential to build a personalized experience, enhance brand loyalty, increase sales and deeply engage customers. These technologies also allow retailers to gain insights on customer behavior, thereby enabling them to improve flexibility and speed in addressing customer issues.

Here are some ways through which retailers can engage customers:

  • Including technologies like augmented reality and facial recognition with mobile strategy to innovate on user experience. Augmented reality can help project scenarios virtually so that users get a better understanding of products and services. Retailers could also use facial recognition to roll out customized coupons and offers to customers based on their previous purchases.
  • Providing location-based and behavior-based cues with technologies like Beacons and NFC to reach customers when and where it counts, hence driving a stronger relationship. For example, beacons can be used to give product detail and flash deals to in-store customers.
  • Using Gamification in mobile applications, for driving engagement. For example, a game related to a product or department could be included in the application and customers could be rewarded with badges and points on successful completion of various levels.
  • Integrating in-store, online and mobile shopping experiences, to make the brand experience more consistent for customers as well as strengthen the brand image.
  • Using NFC tagged products to enable digital interactions to help customers get complete product details as well as facilitate product comparison while shopping.
  • Increasing social visibility for the brand by integrating across social media channels with a consistent look and feel.
  • Enabling cloud integration to provide a unified, real-time 360-degree view of each customer. Customer information collected from all the channels could be consolidated to present a complete picture of buying behaviour.

While technology presents a number of innovative ways for retailers to engage with their customers, there are some challenges; like choosing the right technology and platform, managing the transition and addressing security concerns. Technology is just a business enabler and it depends on the retailer’s ability to leverage it in order to create more compelling brand experiences.

While the task of driving customer engagement with a mobile first strategy might seem overwhelming, complicated and expensive, Endeavour – The Mobility Company, can help you gain tangible results. Our teams are abreast with the latest technologies and can help you get the maximum return on your mobility investments. To know more - Talk to us today


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