Glass Window
We combine game-changing technologies to bring to you seamless transfer of technology. Come, Discover Endless Possiblities with Endeavour!
Enterprise MobilityRedefined
Enhance Healthcare Mobility with Endeavour's
Healthcare Window
Increase staff efficiency, improve workflow accuarcy, retrieve EHRs, monitor vitals, take point-of-view videos and photos; without ever having to take your eyes off the patient!
Revolutionize Retail Mobility with Endeavour's
Retail Window
Transform your user's shopping experience: tweeting, taking a photo or video, searching for the cheapest price or getting directions, everything in front of the eyes - without the user having to move!
Accelerate Banking Mobility with Endeavour's
Banking Window
Help your tellers, front-end staff, end-users do much more with the Google Glass app. Look up account details, validating credit history, pay bills by taking photos, transfer money, locate nearest ATM with built-in GPS: all with a simple Voice Command!
Empower Real Estate Mobility with Endeavour's
Real-Estate Window
Facilitate offshore or long distance buyers, Organize Real Time property tours powered with Live Views and Point of view Perspective, Conduct Open Houses, Shoot Hands Free videos, quickly look up property information: all with the Google Glass Real Estate App.