Mobile Application Security Solutions

Adopt EnSURE to move from a silo-based architecture to an enterprise-focused solution that addresses your end-to-end security requirements

With corporate data dispersed across multiple networks, mobile platforms, devices and the cloud, Data and Transaction Security is becoming one of the most important considerations for every enterprise. IT and security experts must therefore manage and protect sensitive information and enforce compliance centrally.

Endeavour’s Secure, Unified, Reliable Enterprise (EnSURE) is a multi-layered security framework that facilitates in reviewing current state and implementing a future proof security architecture that aligns with the organization’s core goals and strategic direction.

Layered Approach, End to End Coverage

  • User Profile Management
  • Session Management
  • Data Storage and Security Management

Addresses all essential Layers of Security framework, viz

  • On Device, Local to Mobile
  • Transport Layer
  • Middleware, Backend, and Infrastructure


  • Best Practices
  • Proven methodologies
  • Ready to use and deploy components
Mobile Application Security Services
EnSURE is built to eliminate costly, time-intensive implementation of various security related guidelines as required in regulated industries thereby enabling business agility.
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