Mobile Application Development Solutions for Retail industry

With the evolving habits of shoppers, winning customer loyalty has become more challenging than ever before. The digital revolution driving the retail industry is creating fierce competition among retailers trying gain higher visibility for their brands. Retailers need to connect with consumers on multiple channels and touch points simultaneously and create a consistent, connected and integrated in-store and online shopping experience. With consumers controlling all of their media choices, the survival of retailers depends on how well they adapt to the challenge of garnering customer attention.

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How Endeavour can help you drive customer engagement and win customer loyalty

Endeavour can help shape your IT landscape to meet the growing consumer needs, make your presence felt across channels and maximize your customer engagement with exciting and innovative content. We help our customers stay relevant and connect with consumers using our suite of mobile, cloud and analytics solutions. Our in-store and online integrated retail solutions use Near Field Communication (NFC), Beacons, Augmented Reality, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Gamification, and have the potential to build a personalized experience and deeply engage consumers, resulting in enhanced brand loyalty and increased sales.

With over a decade of multidimensional expertise in mobile consulting, technology innovation,solutioning and execution, we have helped some of the world’s largest retailers accelerate their mobility roadmap with a sound strategy and a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE). Our all-encompassing solutions across all aspects of retail include merchandising, supply chain,multichannel and omni-channel retailing. We specialize in smart retail solutions with expertise in the areas of consulting, system integration and modernization.

Our service offerings for the retail industry span across the following areas of expertise:

  • Omni-channel retailing, to provide a unified shopping experience across all channels allowing consumers the flexibility of browsing in the store and making purchases online, and vice-versa.
  • Mobile Wallets to offer a convenient way to pay bills with just a few taps. According to a Forrester Research, mobile payments will amount to $90 billion in the coming years. Mobile payments are steadily gaining adoption among consumers with the advent of Apple Pay and a number of options including PayPal, Google Wallet, and more.
  • POS Systems and other cloud applications for on-the-go stores, allowing retailers the flexibility of taking their business the consumers and doing business anywhere.
  • Augmented Reality with image recognition through IQ engines, Google Glass and others.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) using Beacons to deliver personalized and contextually relevant engagement to consumers based on their preferences and micro-location within a retail store.
  • In-store mobile devices to engage and interact with consumers. Tablets and mobile devices can be used for accepting payments, product demos and social sharing.
  • Loyalty Programmes to incorporate customized rewards, social information, shopping behavior and more, which are based on individual shopping patterns to increase participation and brand loyalty.

Increased customer engagement for the world’s second largest retail

We built a Mobile Center of Excellence (mCoE) with end-to-end mobility applications to integrate in-store / online / mobile shopping and provided analytics on buying behavior along with a social platform for customer engagement.

Client Outcomes: 20% increase in online sales (10% sales from mobile website), truly digital business with movie-streaming, e-books and tablet PCs.


Boosted customer buying experience for a global IT giant

We setup a Mobile Innovation Lab and implemented unique ideas to develop a mobile solution called myHP to help end-users select and buy products on an intuitive and interactive interface that leveraged mobility best practices and latest technologies such as image processing, QR codes, augmented reality, speech recognition and others.

Client Outcomes: Increased sales through mobile channels with the highly interactive and user-friendly interface.


Enhanced customer loyalty and retention for multiple retailers

We developed a mobile and analytics solution to offer targeted discounts and special promotions to customers based on their buying behavior and integrated social media support to increase customer engagement.

Client Outcomes: Significant increase in revenues with higher repeat business and enhanced brand loyalty for retailers.