Mobile Application Development Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

In an age where technology platforms are rapidly maturing, smart device penetration has sprouted and digital content consumption has made physical media obsolete, Communications,Media and Entertainment companies have done well to embrace disruptive digital technologies and alter their existing business models, to remain relevant in the face of fierce competition. Though the core operating principles of these companies remain unadulterated, their distribution models have evolved - customers now have ubiquitous access to both paid and free content over the internet, VoIP and Cloud platforms. However, like with traditional channels, the digital content delivery system has its own pitfalls - digital piracy, ambiguous pricing strategies, copy protection and IP rights management to call-out a few.

How can Endeavour help your business embrace digital technologies, to remain relevant?

At Endeavour, we enable seamless integration of conventional business strategies with new technology-driven ones. Our experts have worked with Media and Entertainment companies to help them meet their customer’s demands. Our suite of mobile, cloud and analytics solutions provide quicker access to content across devices, allow consumption of media on the go, tailor content to user specifications, direct distributors to the right platforms to deliver content and sync Media and Entertainment brands with the customer’s evolving needs.

A pioneer in the Mobility space for over twelve years, Endeavour can help Media and Entertainment companies gain a bird’s-eye view of the developing mobility landscape. Over the recent years, we have partnered with Fortune 1000 organizations to proliferate digital technology innovations into their core business model and make the most out of emerging technologies such as SMAC Stacks which ushers in the Fifth Wave of Corporate IT.

Our service offerings for the Communications, Media and Entertainment industry can be broadly classified into four categories:

  • Big-Data-Crunching
    Customers leave behind a trail of digital footprints, which when analyzed, can reveal a wealth of useful tidbits about them. Endeavour can help brands derive value from such unstructured data through various sources and turn them into actionable insights.
  • Mobile Entertainment Platforms
    Customers today, like to view their favorite shows/movies, listen to their favorite music and consume other forms of media, right on their smart devices. Endeavour can help design and build mobile application platforms that exponentially improves the customer’s entertainment experience and will allow brands to position their portable offerings more efficiently and effectively.
  • Cloud Computing
    Cloud solutions allow Media and Entertainment businesses to scale their digital distribution based business model, in an agile manner, without having to worry about infrastructure costs and restrictions. Endeavour’s reliable Cloud solutions allows businesses to concentrate on what is most important to them - their business.
  • Social Business
    Customers take to social media to read/post reviews, find new entertainment platforms, consume news and a horde of other activities that social has to offer. Businesses have the opportunity to tap into this trend to communicate with a large audience base, engage customers one-to-one and solicit feedback for their services. Endeavour enables brands to integrate social media into their enterprise applications, to ensure their content receives wider visibility.

Enhanced brand position with a multimedia and social media news channel

We developed a mobile version of a satirical news channel that mobilized content for over 7 million registered readers, incorporated multimedia and social sharing features, displayed 37 content types including slideshows, editorials, radio and video news, provided search and offline access and integrated advertisements.

Client Outcomes: Rated as the No.1 app in the AppStore news category therefore enhancing brand position, 250k+ downloads in just 6 weeks leading to increased customer reach.

BMC Software

Increased customer engagement with a unified interactive News Platform

We built a simple, yet friendly and effective application that acts as a single source for news from around the world, saves time by mining information from various resources and allows users to stay connected by sharing news, blogs, audio / video podcasts and white papers, and has instant sync and offline capabilities.

Client Outcomes: Enhanced brand image with the rich and interactive UI and widened customer reach with several downloads.