Leveraging Mobility - Challenges and Opportunities for the Enterprise

A mobile phone now is a multifunctional communication device that has enabled users to stay connected anytime and almost anywhere. In addition to voice and messaging, devices are now being used to access data and services on the move. The ability to deliver data and applications has become one of the most important functions of the mobile phone.

In this respect messaging, mobile web and native applications have emerged as the three preferred channels through which consumers access and interact with content and service providers. This represents as evolution in the capabilities and channels available to the consumers for accessing information and services and has lead to a change in consumer behavior and expectation as well. Consumers today expect more immediate responses, in a large number of interactions. From are leveraging the capabilities offered by all the three mediums to get the maximum out of their mobile devices.

As the communication channels evolved, the experience that the user had with the mobile device also changed. This has led to different behaviors and expectations from the user. Older use cases have become deprecated and newer ones reinforced. For an enterprise this poses a challenge as well as an opportunity. Organizations need to understand the different communication mediums and by selecting the right channel, for the right task, generate the maximum ROI. In the remaining sections of this paper, communication channels: SMS, Mobile Web and Native Applications are understood, the opportunities and challenges for a business are discussed and ways to calculate the ROI are presented.

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